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Sleep deprivation causing a spike in TSH


A post / comment a few days ago on some research that included waking people up and its impact on thyroid test results triggered a connection with some odd results I got a little while ago. I can't find the original post, otherwise would have added this to the tread ...

I had a set of tests done about 48 hours after coming off a long haul flight and having slept even worse than normal, both on the flight and the night after.

My TSH rose from 2.78 (0.30-5.6) to 16.01 (0.40-5.50) and free T4 went from 11.6 (7.2-21) to 13.1 (7.5-16.0). I was on Synthroid and I believe was under medicated at the time, but this was the same for both tests. The TSH was higher than when I was first diagnosed and I had been taking my medication on a 24 hour cycle, although where we had been was an 8 hour time difference to where we live.

I just wondered if anyone else has had flying / extreme sleep deprivation cause this to happen and therefore is it a watch out for anyone getting testing done?


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I'm sorry you've had no replies. Feel free to repost your question.


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