Dexamethasone Suppression Test and Period?

Repost, because my first one did not receive any responses.

Hi, everyone! I had a dexamethasone suppression test the other week. Has anyone ever had a change in the periods due to taking steroids? I'm not sure if it's related or not... I took the dexamethasone on Thursday night and I got my period on 1/7/17 It's 7-10 days early and I'm usually very regular. Is this a common side effect? Weird because I only took one, 1 mg dose.

Thoughts? Should I let him my endocrinologist know when I speak with him?

Thank you!

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  • It's unusual not to have some sort of response when posting. Maybe it was because no-one had an answer and your post might have moved on quickly if there were a lot of new posts after yours. This is a link re the medication with a list of autoimmune diseases.

    It seems to be quite a powerful steroid.

    If you are hypothyroid, menstrual cycle can be affected.

  • Thank you! One of the moderators said that it would be OK for me to repost.

    It does seem to be a very potent steroid, I was just shocked as it was such a small, one time dose.

    I'm also not hypothyroid (that I'm aware of)

    Thank you!!

  • I hope you aren't hypo but has your doctor taken a blood test. No one did mine and I remained undiagnosed. I saw about ten doctors and not one knew any symptoms and gave me different diagnosis for some other problem. Yes, it is fine to repost if you've not had a response.

  • Hi, yes I have been tested! I guess more of my symptoms fit more of a hyperthyroid state. Hope that you are doing well now :)

  • Hi, I would say it is definitely a possibility. Any change in the endocrine system seems to have an effect in another part of it. Hormones are powerful, in my experience each time I tweak a thyroid dose my periods are affected, spotting etc. I would mention it to your endocrinologist but I doubt it will surprise him

  • Thank you! That was my thought as well. It makes sense with tweaking the hormones.

    I'll mention it when I hear back regarding my results.

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