Hallucinations, ghosts and thyroid

I was wondering if anyone with underactive thyroid on Levo has experienced what they think of as ghosts.

I know this sounds totally mad but twice in a fortnight in different houses I have seen what seems ghostly while in bed at night. I am sure I was in the waking up cycle and not asleep.

Please I am not being silly or trying to wind people up here but wondering if it could be my meds that are causing this. Am I perhaps hallucinating?

Thanks in advance.

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  • This is common, I don't know if associated with hypo, but google hypnogogic and hypnopompic (spelling from memory) delusions... seeing, hearing and even smelling apparitions, hearing whispers when waking or falling asleep is not unusual. My son had it for a while. Hmmm, I didn't work out the cause, but it went away after a few weeks. I was raising his iron levels at the time with supps, but that may be coincidence. You are not going mad, even if it feels like it!

  • Hypnagogic... just checked my spelling!

  • Did check it out and made a lot of sense...feel calmer about it now thank you for the suggestion.

  • PS My son was vegetarian, with a limited diet and so nutrient defs could have been the cause. They came at a time of extreme stress. His sleep is permanently disturbed by Restless Legs Syndrome, so he sleeps v poorly and is prone to nightmares, all these may factor in.

    He was not on any medication.

    Do any of these overlap with you? Looking at yr posts, I see you are D deficient, and this could be a link.. my son rarely leaves his room, and though I do give him supps he may well still have been deficient.

  • Yes I am vit d deficient and just started supplements and my thyroxin put up 2 days ago.

    First incident I saw something and last night felt someone holding my finger.... first was in my own bedroom, last night in a holiday cottage.

  • My son saw machines with eyes and heard people whispering in his ears... it's extremely common, and if it links to D deficiency, also common, that would be interesting.

    Was your ferritin checked, if so what was it?

  • I don't think it was but my folate was 4.0 ug/l

  • I'm sure you are not going mad. If I'm very, very tired and in a dark environment (inside or outside) I can sometimes see silhouettes in my peripheral vision. There is nothing there if I look directly. I never though of them as "ghosts", rather as illusions which my tired mind creates. It's also not unusual for people with hypothyroidism to experience nightmares. I have a theory that it is to do with exhausted adrenals, which release adrenaline.

  • I hallucinate when tired, mostly in the periphery of my vision. I don't even credit it anymore, I know it happens so if I see stuff I assume that's what it is.

  • Thanks. Really hope it stops freaks me out.

  • Maybe also do a bit of reading re dreaming and how your brain can be out of sync when waking, so while you are waking you still may be dreaming. I often wake and still see images I was dreaming about and as I wake they fade in front of my eyes.

    I also had the experience (as a child) of feeling a thumb press the centre of my forehead as I lay on my back in bed and feeling quite frightened about it. Not sure why it felt so convincingly like a thumb and not a finger - ! I'm sure this kind of thing is very common.

  • Hi TJN 1 Thyroid and insomnia can result in sleep deprivation but if your thyroid is slow

    this might be part of your metabolic disorder. I have found if I have ear infection or

    throat trouble, I might get sounds which sound like central heating pipes, and get ringing

    ears. Unfortunately the medical fraternity are more likely to refer you to a mental health

    professional rather than an endocrine specialist. Hallucinations are common with sleep deprivation and with severe infections. I have a nightlight because if I wake up

    with a nightmare, the dark makes me frightened. I also find having a drink of Horlicks

    before I go to sleep can promote healthy sleep.

  • It is very easy to dismiss apparitions and such as being mere figments of our imagination and it sounds as if they are so when associated with hormonal imbalances.

    BUT, in some instances the apparitions are real!

    60 years ago, when I was perfectly fit and well, a malevolent spirit tried to enter my body. I could see nothing visually but I knew where it was and exactly what it was asking of me. I refused and its presence immediately disappeared. It had awoken me from a deep sleep and I could not get back to sleep for the rest of the night as I was so scared. Certainly not a dream!

    Pure evil does exist.

  • Well I really hope mine was my imagination!

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