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Anyone tried camel milk to help with hashimotos?

Hi all, I've been reading this by Isabella Wentz about how camel milk could potentially help with hashi's and wondered if anyone has tried it. It's quite expensive! Obviously there's more cows than camels! There are a couple of places in the UK to buy it from not just the one she suggested for Europe. Interested in your thoughts, experience.

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Can anyone afford camel milk?

Over ten pounds for 500 millitres (a bit less than a pint). I didn't even look at postage and packing...

Certainly it could be worth it if we knew that taking it for a while would help long-term. But to keep buying and consuming it day after day, week after week, month after month, that could be rather expensive for many of us.


Camel milk - really? Whatever will they dream up for the next miracle cure!


Something that someone somewhere has an excess of and can sell at a high price?


I evidently haven't got that far in her book but oh camel's milk yuck!!


In one of the replies on her blog someone mentions they drink A2 milk. Started looking around and found that the newspaper articles got it wrong so one has to be so careful. A2 is not suitable for lactose intolerant people, so how does one know if it's the lactose or the casein that is the problem?

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A2 milk is said to help children on the autistic spectrum.


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