Up and down like a yo you!


Have had underactive thyroid and diagnosed in 2006.

Eventually got my meds sorted on 150mg all seemed well. Then my doctor told me I was over medicated and as I listened to them I reduced my meds to 125mg. I am a grumpy bitch. Can't sleep and cold hands. One minute I seem fine and the next I am being irrational and moody which isn't like me.

My.blood results I was told no further action required whatever that means.

I wonder shall I just go back to 150mg and see how I feel?

My.moods have cost.me my relationship.


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  • Do you have recent results with ranges ? Quite possible that prople here will not agree with your GP .....

  • I haven't got the results. Will see if I can get them.

    Two GPS said I am over medicated and the other one said it's only very slightly I think she said 0.2 if that makes any sense.

  • Ah so it seems as if you are talking about the TSH. You are only over medicated if your FT3 is over range which probably has not been tested ...

  • What's best to do? Get results and post on here? I have put myself back on 150mg as I figured 0.2 is ok on 150. I can't carry on how I was I am not a moody person.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to me

  • Yes start a new thread with your results. You also need to have your anti -bodies checked along with B12 - Ferritin - Folate - VitD.

    What other meds are you taking and how do you take your T4 ?

  • Got blood results.

    When was on 150mg tsh was 0.4 and ft4 was 26.1.

    125mg tsh 2.95 and ft4 20.7

  • Ooops ! - do have a read of the replies to your post of two years ago - think I am repeating myself. 😊😊 Have a read.

  • Thank you I will do. I don't push myself enough on my doctors I need to

  • Your body - your health ....

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