Hi on christmas Eve I joyfully told my min my cervical smear test results had come back negative. She said I've accidentally opened your blue crest results for cancer screening and the result is positive. I've now for the letter and it says there's a psychology it could be other codified instead and I should go for a colonoscopy. I'm scared they will say cancer... Anyone know how likely the results will just be harmorroifs or crohns, IBD or something else other than cancer? I've got another two days until my drs open to go and show recommendation. I'm also worried they may not send me or I will have a long time on the waiting list.

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  • The only thing i can say is that it could really be anything. I have friends who went through this and it turned out to be nothing. Also, in an unlikely event it is cancer, pls remember that althought scary, if caught so early (especially bowel cancer) you have an amazingly high chance of recovery. If they caught it now you should concider yourself lucky, honestly. Pls keep us updated xxx

  • Thank you I will keep you updated.

  • You can see your address on this letter. May want to edit the photo! Sorry can't help with your query though.

  • Thankyou

  • It's removed now an administrator did it for me thanks. It was sent to the wing address anyway but glad that persons address is off just in case. If I post again I will now be aware to be careful.

  • Take it one step at a time.

    I had stage 3 uterine cancer and am now cancer free.

    Find out what's going on first. Then look at all treatments, conventional and integrative and come up with a plan that gives you the best chance of coming out whole. It's possible!

    Have a good attitude, clean up your lifestyle, surround yourself with good people and practice mindfulness and gratitude in the meantime....

  • Thank you. I've started using a fitbit and trying not to laze around feeling sorry for myself as much. Also I had a food processor for Christmas and can now make more exciting salads and collapsed. For some reason think it's the support of this app I'm feeling more positive today. :-)

  • Good news! No matter what's going on, there are always positive steps you can take! Hang in there!

  • I've been through this, the hospital got me in really quick for the colposcopy.

    I know it's not a nice piece of news but please stay positive, there are one or two ops they can do to remove the cancerous cells. I had to have a hysterectomy but I'm 9 years down the line and after annual check ups am cancer free!

    My younger sister also had a negative result but after a cone biopsy she was found to be ok!

    Good luck & stay strong!

  • Glad you're cancer free. I imagine the plus side is it makes people cherish the time they have. Puts things in perspective.

  • It did for me :)

    It could have been worse so I feel very lucky! However I do feel though that things happen for a reason....once the dust settles.

    Good luck & take care, hopefully it's just something easily remedied, I'm glad you look after yourself though and attend your check ups. X

  • Hi, I also had a colposcopy for pre cancerous cells and that was about 30 years ago and I have been fine since. Please don't worry too much.

    Jo xx

  • Hi Jo did you have them removed at the same time. Glad you're ok now. I had a letter through today to book the appointment through the e referral service.

  • Hi Lbrook not the same day but had to wait for an appointment but can't remember how long. A couple of weeks maybe. The cells are so slow growing that a few weeks makes no difference. I remember the doctor who did the colposcopy told me that. Please don't worry too much. Take care.

    Jo xx

  • Hi,

    thank you. I've got my appointment first thing Saturday morning, start the moviprep tomorrow. Looking forward to getting it over with phew.

  • In the worst possible scenario that it is cancer (there are others), stay positive. The main development in recent years is early diagnosis which has resulted in most of us recovering. It's mainly a case of acceptance of the condition which isn't easy at the start.

  • I had laser treatment years ago on my cervix and I'm still here, technology has vastly improved since! There could just be some abnormal cells which they will remove. Very easy to do now. Don't worry overly. X

  • Thanks I also had laser treatment on my cervix in 2000 and nothing's come back there. Was a shock to get a positive result on the bowel cancer screening but it does say could be other conditions like inflammatory bowel disease. Which could account for my very swollen belly and constant need for the bathroom. It's reassuring to hear things have advanced, my nurse also said this. :-)

  • Yes like people who have already replied I've been through it and still here 10 years on, it's extremely frightening but as people have said stay positive ear well rest etc and draw on support of your friends and family

    Big hug for strength and courage

  • Thank you so much, this makes me feel better. I don't have much support my family and friends are always saying they feel worse and I'm normally the sympathy giver lol.

  • That's a shame hopefully once you know what your dealing with ask the medical people you see for support groups in your area and there probably be sites like this but just be positive and look after yourself the best you can

  • appointment 4pm today with dr.

  • How did it go?

  • OK. DR Referred me urgently for colonoscopy, gave me dioralyte and loperamide. also running all blood tests and doing their own test on what i had done with blue consipated now though. Thanks for asking, hope you are well. Bring on the New Year and healthier days for us all.

  • How are you doing Lbrook?

  • Just waiting and thinking positive. Thanks. Hope your bringing in the new year was Good.

  • Glad you're doing ok. Let's hope 2017 is a positive year, the start of mine was not so good. I'd just go to bed early and watch a film if it was up to me haha . Hey ho

  • Hope it gets better, Spring not far away :-)

  • I hope everything turns out positive for you and it is something else x

  • Thanks. Just have a feeling it will be. I'll let you guys know as soon as I do. ☺Happy New Year.

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