Err…whatever festive foolishness floats your boat

Err…whatever festive foolishness floats your boat

A couple of the Christmas wishes I’ve received this year – pick your favourite

have an insane Christmas !!!’ clearly the dude sending me his greeting has no idea what a bucket of inert lard I’ve become. He and I regularly sparked up industrial amounts of ganga back in the day and I haven’t the heart to tell him I’ve stopped.

May you be blessed with a pleasant Christmas filled with the gift of Christ's love as we await His second Advent.’ Failed Catholic guilts at this one from a dear lady who should know better; although I always thought that was a deeply unpleasant word…pleasant.

Whatevs. Peaceful and happy holidays TUKers – especially to our wonderful admin team and the wise ones…you know who you are – the gift that keeps on giving and surely the true meaning of all that’s a gift in humankind xxx


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4 Replies

  • May you have a good time doing whatever turns you on. Myself, I have already started trying to kill off the bugs that plague me, with alcoholic poisoning. So bunged up am I - and have been for the past two weeks - I doubt I will even taste the Christmas fare that's shoved in front of me, tomorrow. But this alcoholic cordial, I found in an un-named bottle, at the back of the cocktail cabinet, tastes vaguely of raspberries, and that will do for me. I am breathing again, and therefore content! May it so be for every one of us. Merry Christmas, one and all! Cheers! :D

  • Wish you a pleasant and insane Christmas Rapunzel :))

  • I hope you enjoy it whether it's pleasant or insane, Rapunzel!

  • I don't celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah but for my wife, Christmas is her all time favorite and even in Florida, where the weather is warm and balmy, she's streaming Christmas music on her computer, baking cookies, sending out cards weeks before, decorating the artificial tree and running to the stores. Yup; whatever floats her boat, though it's difficult to stay clear of all this.

    Whether you celebrate or not, let's hope 2017 is a better year for all of us. Cheers and beers.

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