Adrenal Stress Profile - what does this constant high cortisol mean?

Adrenal Stress Profile - what does this constant high cortisol mean?

I carried out this test on Monday 19th December and sent it off on Tuesday. Received it today. The only thing I wasn't aware of was that perhaps the supplement I briefly took could influence the result.

I've taken a total of 4 Adrenavive iii capsules which is bovine adrenal cortex on 10th,11th and 12th December. Then I took one more on Saturday 17th December, two days before. Surely it couldn't have skewed the results too much?

I'd appreciate any advice in interpreting the result. Thanks.

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  • I stop adrenal supplement before 15 days to check adrenal function without supplement and TSH is high due to my low cortisol levels.

    Why do you need adrenavive - 4 caps when cortisol is high?.

  • Juliatom that is a very good question. I was recommended to lower my Levo from 75mcg to 50mcg and at the same time start 1 capsule of Adrenavive iii each day however after 3 days I started to feel faint, confused and exhausted. So then upon professional advice I took one capsule after a gap of 5 days to be repeated every 3 days. The same happened so I gave up. I've also raised my Levo back to 75mcg but I'm still not feeling "normal". Two days later I carried out the test. I didn't realise that the adrenal cortex supplement would affect my results. I'm not sure how much it shows up in my test result or whether my cortisol is sky high anyway.

  • Have you got any other symptoms, like unexplained weight gain, flushed face, insomnia, high blood pressure, fatigue?

  • I've been feeling exhausted for a while now but ever since I took those 4 capsules it's become even worse. My blood pressure has actually lowered. It was 90/60 yesterday. My sleep has been poor for a very long time now. It's very hard for me to lose weight. I get stressed very easily and also I get sick very easily too.

    Unfortunately, I was recommended a treatment protocol of Adrenavive iii one a day plus a reduction of Levo from 75mcg to 50mcg at the same time. This test should have been done prior to me starting this treatment else I probably wouldn't be in this state now and I did it at my own initiative.

  • You should probably get on phosphatidyleserine (PS). It's not cheap but you can buy it at a good health food store or online at a vitamin co. If you can afford it, I'd repeat your test just to confirm. I've done the test 4 times and it always varies. You may want to obtain from thyroid meds for while too because I think T3 raises cortisol. But check into it, don't want to give you bad advise.

  • I'm already planning to test again after a few weeks as I think it may have been affected by the Adrenavive iii. Thanks.

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