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Reverse T3 result

I got my rT3 result yesterday and it is not above the upper range at all as I expected: 143 pg/ml (reference range 90-215).

I gave blood a week after stopping T4 and going on T3 only. That was 2 weeks ago, so by now on T3 only my rT3 should have lowered even more.

Since I am still hypo (much better than before though) on 75 mcg T3 and my rT3 is not a problem, I assume I have some sort of hormone resistance probably.

Am I right? Thank you

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Two weeks isn't long enough for T3 to resolve hypothyroid symptoms. Have a FT3 test 6-8 weeks after switching to T3 to see that you are adequately dosed. Symptoms can lag behind good biochemistry by several months.


I do have low ferritin, very low, borderline. My iron is high, the other vitamins are above mid-range as well.


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