Tessa Richards: Patients combat corruption in healthcare

Tessa Richards: Patients combat corruption in healthcare

20 Dec, 16 | by BMJ

Corruption in health systems has been described as “one of the biggest open sores in medicine.” It occurs in many guises and all countries. Patients may be unaware of the price they pay for corrupt procurement processes, manipulation of drug trial data, and conflicts of interest, but they are well aware if they need to make “informal” payments to doctors to get the care they seek. This situation has recently led a Lithuanian patient organization to play a leading role in demanding more effective government action to combat corruption in the health sector.

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Maybe UK patient groups could help to identify issues of corruption and push for their appropriate resolution? Little things like gouging medicine prices...

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  • Thanks helvella for bringing this to our attention. I would strongly recommend reading the comments made by Marion Brown and following her link to madinamerica website. Also worthwhile reading the comments to her article.

    We all need to wake up.

  • Personally I don't trust drug trials any more! Seems they decide what they want before doing a trial.

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