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Hi everyone, last year I had my thyroid removed completely due to cancer. When I first started my thyroxine I lost 7lbs which was great, but recently I have put on an extra 4lbs. I am on slimming world but can't shift this 4lb shelf that is above my waist. Any advice guys will be appreciated. I am thinking of stopping thyroxine to see if that makes a difference

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Stopping the thyroxine will probably make you put on more!

Do you have copies of your labs? That's the first place to start. Because if your T3 is too low, you're not going to lose it.

And Slimming World is just about the worst place you can go to lose weight because it's not a healthy way to eat. People do lose weight, but then they put it on again. And, they either put on more than they had before, or they start to yoyo, which isn't good, either.

SW is based on low/no-fat. That is not healthy. The body needs fat. Fat is what sustains us. If you don't have the fat, you start craving sugar, etc, and are tempted to eat just anything, just to satisfy yourself. Then you feel bad about yourself. Seen it over and over again.

You need a sensible diet - plenty of protein and good fat : butter, animal fat, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. Plenty of fresh fruit and veg. Some carbs, not too much fibre, don't skimp on the salt - and, whatever you do, do not count calories! :)


Hi Greygoose, my last T3 result was Serumfree T3 level =6.1 range 3.80-6.00

Serum TSH level= 0.009 " 0.34-5.60

Serum FreeT4 level = 14.8 Range 8.00- 18.00

Serum ALT level =26 " 0.00 - 40.00

" alkaline phosphate =127 " 30.00 - 140.00

" gamma GT level = 32 " 0.00 - 42.00

" total protein =69 " 60.00 -80.00

" albumin =44 " 35.00 - 50.00

" globulin = 25 " 22.00 - 40.00

" total bilirubin level =6 " 1.00 - 17.00

That was in September this year . Do they look okay to you ?


Yes, they look fine. But, September was three months ago. A lot can happen in three months.

Have you had your antibodies tested? And your nutrients : vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin? How about your cortisol? It's not just about thyroid hormones. :)


No I don't think I have had those items done, but I have had a full blood count in October as I am diabetic. I am going away on Friday until the beginning of January, so will make an appointment for when I get back home. Thanks for taking the time to respond



You are optimally medicated as TSH is suppressed and FT3 is mildly over range. Does your endo not test thyroglobulin and thyroglobulin antibodies once or twice a year? They are generally used as cancer markers post thyCa.


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