Just like to.say a.massive thankyou to all you wonderful people who helped me through a ghastly period of hypothyroidism last year,and thanks to you all I'm on the recovery Road and I've even.managed to lose half a stone after finding out that omeprazole attacks levothyroxine and stops it working.. my.head and body say a massive thankyou to you all

Happy yule and will stay a member xxx

Peaceful holidays xxx

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  • still a bot of insomnia thou 😢. Happy Christmas 🎅 to you too x

  • and so say all of us that have been helped by the many wonderful people on this site to help us to better health with their knowledge and empathy . god only knows where my lady would be now but for them , we think of them as '' our adopted cyber family ''

  • Oh I take Lansoprazole (older generation of Omeprazole) and I never realised that it attacks Levothyroxine (which I also take) I'm off to investigate. Thank you astroscopes. I'm going to add in a tip: I just received my 5 year NHS exemption from prescription charges, which is available to all who are on meds for Thyroid for more than three months. (I'll set up a new post as well to advertise this fact although perhaps people are already aware)

  • Wow I never knew that either I'm off to investigate thanks for the info.

  • This is a link which you might find helpful. Low acid which is common with hypo and the symptoms of low and high acid are so similar doctors prescribe for high acid.

  • Well done and am glad you're on the way to recovery. Don't you think it amazing that doctors who know you are on one type of medication prescribe another which can interfere with the uptake of your replacement hormones?

  • I think it's really bad that they don't check seeing as having a thyroid problem is life threatening...

    Anyhow I'm really glad I sorted that one and since having a go at the Gp..half the others have left the surgery too..

    Maybe we will.get better ones

    Happy 2017 xx

  • Nice to hear you're doing better, Astroscopesuk.

    Best wishes for a Happy Christmas and New Year.

  • And the same to you clutter.. I hope 2017 will be happier for us all x

  • I can add to that thank you. Xx

  • so glad u feeling a bit better take it from someone whom nos how bad these things can be i worked in a freezing cold factory when my thyroid started to play up at the time it was over active had went to the works nurse as the sweet was lashing off me she sent me home went to docs and they said could find nothing wrong went back to work same happened again went back to the doc and it was a ,locom i seen told me to but my hands in front of me and said think your thyroid is playing up sent me fpr blood test and sure enough he was right after seing 3 diffrent docs thought a was loosing the blote as the factory was ice cold and all i had on was i thin t shirt and leggings everyone else had as much clothes as they could get on .whent for radio active iodine now my thyroid is under active they are saying it better to be under as it easyer to treat,have made appointment for doc to get it checked as had a stroke nov15 and bloods havent been checked since then stroke makes me tiered now thinking mabe it no the stroke mabe it my thioroid first appointment 13 jan 17 as it not an emergency as a lot of the simtons from stroke and thiroid are the same like sore joints tieredness weekness no harm in asking them to check any way hope u have a great xmas and new year now that u on the mend great that u managed to loss wheight as i find it impossible did loss 5 and a half stone when it was over active .was on a diet at the time and thought a was doing great on diet before a new about thiroid problems

  • Well I lost half a stone eating baked potatoes with butter and putting apple cider vinegar on my salad... Odd though.. But im glad I got the omeprazole situation sorted.. It's onot taken a year lol..but since I had a go at the Gp..half of the GPS who work ed there have left....



  • From one of the first studies done regarding the effect of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs such as omeprazole) on TSH levels of those taking T4 (Levothyroxine).

    The study below from 2007 showed that omeprazole (PPIs) does indeed prohibit the absorption of T4 thyroid replacement hormones.

    This is mainly due to the known fact that without adequate stomach acid to digest foods properly, vitamins and nutrients vital to complete T4 to T3 conversion are not available.

    For over forty years, proton pump inhibitors have been prescribed for too much stomach acid but hypothyroidism causes low stomach acid -- the symptoms are nearly identical to one another.

    As I understand it, PPIs now have a warning stating it should be determined first by the physician that the patient does in fact have high stomach acid and not low stomach acid (usually caused by hypothyroidism).


    To our best knowledge, this is the first study in humans with hypothyroidism demonstrating the effect of PPIs on serum TSH levels. PPIs should be added to the list of medications affecting the level of thyroid hormone in patients with hypothyroidism treated with LT4 replacement. Patients with hypothyroidism and normal TSH values during LT4 replacement therapy may need additional thyroid function testing after treatment with PPIs and may need adjustment of their LT4 dose." (

    If you know of anyone who is hypothyroid and taking a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) then do them a huge favor and send them this article. Most have no idea because conventional doctors are forever working while on auto-pilot. We suffer because of that!

    So happy to know you are feeling better! Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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