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T3 London Town

Hello my fellow Thyroid/Hashimotos sufferers. Im new here. Im sure im in the right place to find out much more about this awful illness.

Im laughing about this because I cannot believe it.

Today I went to see a Private Harley Street Endo (ive seen him once before) as my GP is useless. The Endo has prescribed T3 to take alongside my 100mcg of levothyroxine which I take daily. I have Hashimotos. I take the script to the chemist and ask how much it will cost after a 5 minute wait for the answer the assistant calls me and says it will cost £1480.00 for a SIX WEEK SUPPLY. Needless to say I never purchased it... I almost had a cardiac arrest to add to my ailments haha!!!

Please can someone be so kind as to message me about a reputable company abroad that I can get this drug that seems to be like Gold Dust in the UK.

Any help or advice much appreciated.

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Welcome anna-marieB,

You don't mention the dose of T3 you've been prescribed, so we don't know what you're being quoted for. For example, you may have been quoted for a special order of 5mcg capsules, or a standard supply of 20mcg tablets :)

Different pharmacies charge different prices, so you might consider contacting some different ones. Prescriptions can be emailed and medicines delivered directly to you, so the pharmacy doesn't necessarily have to be within your travelling reach. A few that might help are listed on the TUK website here



What dose T3 has your endo prescribed?


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