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Hello Everyone...... I have been diagnosed with overactive Thyroyd 4 week ago and was given the usual Carbimazole 40mg per day ....... after reading some of the symptoms on here it really concerned me ........ anyhow i discovered a letter on line about an athlete with exactly the same as myself and he took Copper Suppliment no Zinc just copper.

I am doing the same taking the Carbi along with the copper and i feel wonderful so so much better and no side effects from the Carbi at all. Copper on its own is quite hard to get....its unique and has many benifits one being healthy skin and hair and it prevents grey hairs!!! It really works

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You can find copper on it's own on Amazon, no problem.

People who are hypo, are often zinc deficient, and they need to take zinc alone, because they already have enough copper. So, I suppose it's logical that when you're hypo, you would be copper deficient, but have enough zinc. :)


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