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Another chip off the megalithic medical block - 'some psychosis cases an immune disorder'

Another chip off the megalithic medical system. Disappointed to hear on the radio the solution - 'now we can treat these cases with steroids and immune suppressants' rather than 'now we can seek to identify what this person is reacting to and remove it from their environment'.

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Am wondering what the anti-bodies were ? Being a medical witch that should be burned at the stake - I am looking at her neck. I can see slight swelling around the thyroid area :-) Would love to see her thyroid test results to include anti-bodies before passing judgement on this so called new discovery.


No FT3 bloods done then ?

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Yes let's take lots of steroids/immunosuppressants and crush the immune response system ,which after all is only doing its job, albeit misguided. //sarcasm off.

"Clinical trials are under way to see if this fledgling field of immuno-psychiatry can actually benefit patients" ....... of course more money for BigPharma and to hell with seeking and healing the root cause (I wonder if it's in the gut? ;) ) Just stuff 'em with evermore powerful drugs that usually have awful side-effects.

Dr Tom O'Bryan would shake his head in despair over this. ;)


I saw this too and shouted back at the TV 'What!!! ????'

Thought I heard them say they were going to take the blood out to clean it or something similar ?

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