Exercise with Hyperthyroidism ??

Exercise with Hyperthyroidism ??

Newly diagnosed as hyper on carbimazol 20mg for 3 weeks now,the diarrhoea has stopped and not so breathlessness,still get palpitations,is it ok to start exercising as I've been too exhausted until recently??I used to walk the dogs for 2 hours a day,but since October,I was too breathless and weak. Will this affect the hyperthyroidism??? Picture of little Molly and missy rescue dogs!!!

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  • Elizabeth2eames,

    If you feel well enough there's no reason why you shouldn't exercise Molly and Missy. They look like lovely dogs :)

  • Thank you,I'm not up to going mad anyway,so I will take it easy!

  • I would just do what you feel like doing and rest in between. Exercising until you exhaust yourself won't do you any good but I kept going to the gym and did Pilates all through my treatment for Graves.

    I went to the gym when the medical referral group was on because I knew a lot of the people and I was really only just ticking over in the gym and my Pilates teacher is a physiotherapist so she monitored everything I did very carefully.

    I gave up long distance walking for quite a long time though- it probably took me eighteen months before I felt like doing that again but that is just me.

    Just be sensible and get plenty of rest. I can't remember how long it took for my palls to stop - I have asthma so I didn't get beta blockers to stop them like some people get. Make sure you have regular blood tests, I took 20mcg carb for four weeks, had a blood test that showed nothing much had happened, had my carb increased to 40mcg a day and was hypo by the time I had my first endo appointment two months later. I wasn't tested after the first test at four weeks. Hypo doesn't feel good either.

    Love the dogs.

  • Wow,thank you for being so thorough!! It's so refreshing to get some good advise for a change! I will take it easy I live in the forest of Dean,so it's too beautiful not to walk!!

  • Can I ask why is it I feel soo shite in the mornings until about 3pm,then I'm ok!???

  • Sorry, can't help you there. Could it be with it being dark in the mornings these days? I had a Lumie lamp that woke me with a gradual dawn. Something like that might help you 'come to' a bit earlier.

    I don't use it any more though because I discovered I sleep best in a totally blacked out room. No little lights on the phone or radio or anything, nothing to disturb me including my husband who decided he didn't like sleeping in the dark and moved in next door, fortunately he comes in in the morning or I don't know when I'd finally get up.

    I remember being incredibly unbelievably tired when I was first diagnosed though and felt tired for months. It wasn't a normal sort of tiredness either.

    I also kept a notebook with a quick line or two every day about how I felt, nothing much but enough that I could see what I wanted to say when I went to see the endo. I also jotted down the meds I was taking and any increases and I was able to see where I felt best. That was useful too. It was interesting too that if I was feeling terrible I was able to look back and see that I had actually progressed even if I didn't always feel like I had.

    Lucky you in the Forest of Dean with those gorgeous doggies. If that doesn't make you want to get out nothing will.

    Just don't force yourself, some days you'll feel good some days you won't. You're really quite ill with Graves even if you don't look it. I lost so much weight back then I looked great on the outside - inside I was a mess.

  • Thank you,today I got my husband to drive me and the dogs to the forest,which is only a 5 minute walk,but there's a hill involved!! We took a leisurely walk and I was pleased as beforehand I was really anxious!!! Yes I sleep in complete darkness and sleep very well,if I could I would sleep till midday!!! I have my first endo appointment 3rd February and have to take a pee sample,it's a 9am app. I will take your advice and start writing a daily diary as a reference.Thank you soo much for taking the time to advise me,I really do appreciate it xx

  • Glad you had a lovely walk. Good idea to go by car, why burn yourself out in a hill if you don't need to. I felt that by doing the gym and Pilates even if I wasn't working at the level I was before I was ill I was still defying Graves by doing good what I did before I was ill.

    I took a pee sample first visit too and no one asked for it- well they said they didn't want it when I offered it.

    I think (and this is just my own theory) that I was told to take a sample by the booking service who possibly also deal with diabetic patients who use the endocrinology dept too who I imagine do need to take a sample.

    See what happens when you get there.

  • Ok,yes this was the booking service,so I won't bother with the pee sample!! Thanks again for being so kind xx

  • I'd probably take one just to be on the safe side - you never know, just don't be surprised if no one asks you for it. I only took one the first time.

    After the initial weigh in and blood pressure checks - sitting and standing from what I remember, I was only ever weighed when I went back.

    I only ever had one endo visit where I didn't come away feeling 'let down' and kind of 'flat'.

    I don't know what I was expecting but on most visits I'd say didn't find it (and I'd say my hospital was a good one) so don't go expecting much and you won't be disappointed.

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