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Grateful for the posts

Hi, I wanted to post to thank everyone for sharing their experiences and indo. I've had a moderate low thyroid issue for 10 years but I've been symptomatic since being medicated although my bloods were supposedly normal.

When I went to the doctor's they kept saying I was depressed and wanted to give me anti-depressants which I refused. After 10 years of struggle I am now quite ill and been off work for two months. Again the GP wanted to give me anti-depressants.

It's only through reading these examples that I was able to stick to my guns and demand to see a specialist who I was able to see recently and who agrees that I have a medical issue to be resolved.

I thought I was going mad and this caused me stress and depression and almost caused the end of my marriage.

But now at least I'm being listened to and feel there may be some hope.

Keep posting because its so important.

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I'm glad you've found a good doctor. If you still need help after seeing him/her, perhaps you could post test results for us to comment on.

Good luck. :)


Thanks, may do.


If you have results, post them in a new message and members will comment; there's a difference between "normal" and "optimal" results. Try to get TSH, T4, T3, Anto-TPO, Anti-Tg, iron, ferritin, folate, B12, and vit D tested.


OK, will do, thanks


If your GP says they're not necessary, you could mention that these are the tests recommended by Thyroid UK.


I'll discuss this with the endo she seems very receptive


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