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When should I take these medications?

Hi all, could anyone advise or share their experience? I am on Levothyroxine 100mc which I have always taken at night on an empty stomach. My GP has now put me on hrt ( oestrogen gel and Utrogest tablets + Omeprazole) the Utrogest has to be taken at night on an empty stomach. The Omeprazole also on an empty stomach. Can Any of these be taken at the same time? I really don't want to move my Levo to morning.

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Levothyroxine should be taken 4 hours away from HRT so you are going to have to shift when you take it. It should also be taken two hours away from Omeprazole. Some people take Levothyroxine if they regularly make a loo trip during the night. Others set an alarm to wake them an hour or two earlier so they can take Levothyroxine before other meds and/or breakfast.


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