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Adrenal symptoms

Started exercising a few days ago. At first I had more energy but now I get hot and have an elevated pulse just walking around the house. When I eat, I get elevated pulse, feel hot, and feel fearful. When I try to go to sleep and close my eyes, my pulse increases and I get super hot. I also get head pain at that time. I also get head pain and elevated BP when I drive for 45 minutes or greater. Any help is appreciated

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Welcome to the forum, Emar3333.

Have you had thyroid function blood tests? Both hyperthyroidism (over active) and hypothyroidism (under active) can cause elevated pulse and make you feel hot.

Head pain and elevated BP when driving sounds as though it may be stress related.


There are several possibilites. If you have untreated or under-medicated hypothyroidism, for example, then exercise will lower your Free T3 (the active thyroid hormone) and you'll get hypothyroid symptoms as a result of this.

When Free T3 gets too low your body will try to compensate by producing more cortisol. That will make you feel very fearful, anxious, sweaty.

Without more information we are just guessing though.


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