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NDT Advice needed please



I've been taking 2 grains for a while now, due a review in January and think my dose probably needs to be increased a little.

I have been taking 2x 1grain tablets each day (nature throid). I usually took them both together, in the evening as I always foget to separate the doses in the day and when I did remember I started to get numbness in my fingers and toes, this went back to normal when I took it on the evening again.

About 10 days ago I switched to taling taking 1x 2 grain tablets. I do sometimes split it into 2 doses when I remember, but again generally take as one dose in the evening. Since then I've been getting the usual symptoms I get when my dose is not high enough, numbness in my hands when sleeping and on waking (carpel tunnel symptoms). I think it's quite bad while I'm sleeping as my arms and hands are really sore, aches achey and heavy.

Any advice? Seems strange when I'm essentially on the same dose, just in different tablet dose. Thank-you.

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Why not increase dose by 1/2 grain to see whether symptoms improve. You could try taking 1.5 grains when you wake and 1 grain before you go to bed.

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Thanks, I might try that. I'm always a bit nervous about increasing without checking with my consultant but I am self-prescribing so could do.

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