Had gluten and caffeine 😫

Hi I have Hashimotos and Adrenal Fatigue amongst other things and usually follow a strict gluten/caffeine free diet. However yesterday I took youngest for pizza and couldn't resist (only 1 day right) and today met a friend for brekkie (full English with bread and tea) don't know what came over me perhaps I just wanted to be 'normal' for a day!

Anyhow I feel really out of sorts now- dizzy, palps, racing heart, headache, blurring vision, warm forehead and cheeks yet freezing and very weak legs.

Anyone have similar after consuming these "treats"?



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  • I guess that's all the proof you need that gluten doesn't agree with you. These enzymes are good for accidental exposure e.g. eating out. Probably not potent enough to prevent all the adverse effects if you eat a larger quantity of gluten but may help:


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  • Sugar does it to me headache cold all over and palpitations I can tolerate a coffee every other day, I know what you mean by being normal for a day it's difficult at times when your out especially, we all live and learn

    Best wishes

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  • Hi. After feeling really unwell I followed a strict exclusion diet for 9 months. I cut out dairy, gluten, yeast, caffeine and sugar.

    I felt great but was very self conscious when out and ordering food so decided to re introduce foods in stages. Each new food was added singly and a three day interval before adding anything else.

    My most extreme reactions were to sugar and dairy. After completely eliminating these from my diet I could not longer tolerate them.

    If you do decide to try again (you may not after feeling so rotten!) I would suggest having either caffeine or gluten and leaving a 3 day break between them. That way you can work out what you have the strongest reaction to. If you do have a 'lapse' day in future you at least know which is worse of the 2 evils between caffeine and gluten.

  • I do exactly the same. I'm good for so long and then have a blow out. I find the further on I go, the more intolerant I become. I had 3 crackers with cheese last week when we were out, never again..... I was so ill. Palpitations, sweating, i felt my back was ice cold. The problem with this intolerance is you can't see a reaction, if we came out in hives or skin flushing we wouldn't be tempted.

    After 2 years of hell I feel great now and it's almost like self sabotage. I now have a RED wrist band on saying NO WHEAT. CHECK ALL FOOD AND DRINK. This is so when I reach out to treat myself with cake etc , it reminds me how ill I am going to be.

  • Fantastic idea but being the season we have family meals out to buffets- what can we eat?

  • It ends up being whole foods. If still eating grains, then rice and many grains are not gluten - but I will not eat genetically modified rice so when I eat out there is practically nothing. I cannot hold to the all organic when out or it would be nothing at all. Sorry lot, having to eat before going out to eat.

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