Is it the real deal?

Looking for a little help, I have recently moved to Sweden and have just renewed my first T4 prescription. The chemist says, this is a new one, I have a suspicion she meant the type of drug is new, so having read the ingredients this is what is written "tablets contain levothyroxine sodium levothyroxine equivalent, lactose monohydrate, 133 mg and other ingredients."

My last uk tablets where marked as levothyroxine sodium... so what am I actually getting now? And the biggie question, is it any use? I don't tolerate T4 well as it is, quite low in my free T4 tests, so I have T3 as well... and I a, terrified I won't be able to get that. Here.

One hundred tablets of 75mcg tabs cost the equivalent of £7.00 so this stuff is super cheap....

Thanks for reading 😳

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  • Does the drug have a name or a manufacturer?

  • yes it does , Takeda Pharma AB,

    It's is a Swedish address, but, I guess that won't mean much.

  • Most levothyroxine products contain a variety of inert ingredients, so it can be advantageous to choose one over the other, particularly if you have allergies to any of the ingredients.

    The Takeda product does seem to be a new formulation. There was a recent study in Belgium to see if any dose adjustments were needed with it on patients who'd gone through total thytoidectomy. Couldn't find any published results, though, but it may mean your dose might be slightly different.

  • Leaf1,

    That price is very similar to UK levothyroxine (£2.02 to £3.03 per 28 tablets).

    So far as I am aware, all levothyroxine tablets contain levothyroxine sodium. That is also called levothyroxine or thyroxine. Looks as if they are hammering home that "levothyroxine sodium" is equivalent to "levothyroxine".

  • There is at least one other poster inSweden perhaps you canstart a new post to get her attention..

  • Hi I am one of them but I don't really get what you are asking...?

    I suspect you got Levaxin from Takeda Pharma which is the most widely used t4 here. Getting t3 is harder but not impossible.

  • Interesting that they do a 75mcg tablet there as here it's 25 50 or 100.

  • Summer64,

    Teva, recently reintroduced to the UK, also do 12.5mcg and 75mcg.

  • Thanks for that. I didn't like Teva though and they had a recall which well and truly put me off them.

  • Lactose monohydrate is milk sugar. Are you sure that you body tolerates lactose? Any pharmacist who says "this is a new one" is, in my judgment, extraordinarily inexperienced. I wouldn't be terrified about T3, if you can't get it, just ask someone here how to order off the web.

  • It's looked upon as an abused drug here, so getting stuff threw customs could be hit and miss...🙁

  • If here is the United Kingdom, we are at liberty to bring our own in through customs for the use of ourselves and our household.

  • Do Norway, Finland, and Denmark also regard it as a drug of abuse?

  • I thought T4 was converted in the liver into T3? It is dangerous, if you take to much, but then so is paracetamol, beta blockers.... sleeping tablets.. dang talk about the dark ages!!!! 😳

  • Levothyroxine sodium is levothyroxine

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