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I asked oesomolugist what I could do when I'm trying to get if to sleep and my heart is pounding so much I think it's coming up through my mouth! So she Saud lie on your back cross legs at your ankles then cross arms at wrists the link fingers into each other. Well I could still hear my heart pounding but not as much to distract myself I did some slide relaxing breathing I felt so tired I turned on my side (my normal sleeping position) and although I could still hear my heart pounding it wasn't as loud and I did drop of! Unsure what helped in that procedure but the end result was sleep so good all round, I haven't had problems since but if I do I will try it all again!

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That's a good tip if it's successful. How long have yu been having palpitations. Is it mainly when you are in bed. Did you time your pulse rate? or is it just pounding but normal pulse?


Hi shawls

I (thankfully) hadn't had them before and it was a lucky coincidence that I saw her the next day and remembered to ask her. Didn't think to do pulse rate just wanted.to sleep! I thought I'd post it so other people can try it to see if it helps she Saud it's to shut down endocrine systems I'm not that knowledgeable to know!!

Best wishes thanks for all your work as part of the administrator team


Taking your pulse/temp is a good idea and it also enables you to know how you are doing. If either goes too high it's time to reduce dose slightly. Some doctors give patients beta-blockers which in fact can interfere with the uptake of thyroid hormones (we cannot win :) . I know how unpleasant symptoms can be with severe palpitations.


Ok thanks I'm not on any meds yet as Dr and endo are debating what to do after last week's blood results. Once I've.got all blood results I was going to do a post but people have been so great at answering my questions/thoughts I don't want to ask to much I've learnt so much from reading other posts

Best wishes


Yes it's a good forum and all members are very helpful. It is a minefield when not improving on hormones or remaining undiagnosed, or feeling very unwell even when taking hormones.


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