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My head is burning

Hi I am looking for an anwser to my new simptoms. I have been playing with my hair and realised that there is a patch on the frnt of my head the feels like it's burning. I was out in the sun all day yesterday, so I past it off as sunburn. But I looked at my head closely and I came to realise that it is not red at all. I have had no gair loss but it feels very pain full to touch it is not flake either. I'm not sure what it is. But I am very worried that my hair is just going to start coming out. Sometimes it hurts alot without even touching it. please let me know if you have had the same problem and how you fixed it.

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I get this on my whole head with a migraine. I've to put ice cubes. On it. I think it's hormonal imbalance (sex hormones).


Could be neuralgia.


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