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Help with Thyroid results taking prescription T3 only

Hi, I have just had my results back from the doctor. I have been taking T3 only, 20mcg 3 times daily. My results are T3 is 4.6 and T4 2. I have no idea if these are in the normal range and what they should be. My last results, I was told were a little on the high side as my T3 was 7 and my T4 was 9. I felt much better then and I have had symptoms come back in the past few weeks like hair loss and weight gain of nearly 2 stone. I have had a very stressful year as my mum died of cancer and I was in the third year of doing my degree course. Would be grateful for any advice, thanks

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cavalli1970 It's hard to comment without the reference ranges for your tests as we don't know if they are in the normal range either. Ask your surgery for a print out of the results and repost your question to include the ranges.

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