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Hello I'm new! My doc says I have a borderline underavtive thyroid -same as previous year when first tested. He offered me the option to start medication or try more bloodtests in 6months/1year. I opted for the latter as I'm not keen to start taking tablets but wondered whether there was a possibility to improve through diet or natural remedies. I'm prone to anaemia so take large doses of ferrous fumerate daily. Can anyone advise?

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I would strongly recommend obtaining a copy of your blood test results, you're legally entitled to these and there may be a small charge. Details:

If you've had any vitamin and mineral tests done then request a copy of those too. When you have these start a new thread including your test results.

Most of us are here because we've found the NHS doctors to be clueless about thyroid disorders and follow sadistic 'guidelines' without actually listening to the patient. Your GP is sitting on the fence and this may mean that he's out of his depth.

Have a read here for useful info, left hand side of the main page then scroll down to section about the thyroid:


Welcome to the forum, Pammid.

200mcg Selenium is thyroid friendly and may help support your thyroid but there is no natural remedy or diet which will replace low thyroid levels. If you are at all symptomatic I would advise accepting Levothyroxine. The longer you leave replacing low thyroid the longer it takes to reverse symptoms.

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Hello Pammid :) Ask for the thyroid lab test results, and post them here; it gives much needed information on the situation, and forum has many active, very knowledgeable members who can offer good advises :)

(my personal experience is, that it is better to try to improve the hypothyroidism situation than just wait more and let it worsen) - Good luck!


Many thanks, all, for your comments and advice. Will post the results when I get a copy


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