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Meds do work sometimes

Hi my names ann, I thought I would write because most people don't get on with there medicine. I was diagnosed with under active thyroid 5 months ago, when just going for a general mot. I am 72, but very active I would say still working, walking, swimming. I hadn't noticed being tired or anything. I was given 50 levithyroxine. I must say after a few days I felt brighter, hadn't noticed anything wrong before. After 3 months had another test, and was given 100. But I had noticed before hand I was a bit tetchy, so I wasn't surprised. It seems my thyroid had just packed in. Great on melds, and I have lost 7lb, so all good.

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Welcome to the forum, Bluebarrel.

Thanks for posting. Once the patient is properly dosed thyroid replacement works for most people. We tend to see those who are struggling on thyroid fora because those whose are well on Levothyroxine don't need support here.

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Is it really that good of a medicine? Learning



It works for 85% of hypothyroid patients. Totally unsuitable for hyperthyroid patients unless taken with Carbimazole as part of block and replace.


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