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Looking for an extra boost to go along side my levelthyroxine


Hi my name is Katie. I am on levelthyroxine 100mg one day 75mg the next. My blood results are normal. I am looking for some advice on supplements. I am a very active person but find my self struggling with lack of energy and looking for a sugar fix daily. The sugar never picks me up and I find myself feeling like I'm in a coma. I haven't got diabetes as it's been tested. Thank you for any feed back

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Hi Katie, welcome to the forum.

Do you have copies of your blood results? Because, as we always say on here, there's no such thing as normal. When a doctor says 'normal', what he means is, 'in range'. But, just being 'in range' is not good enough. It's where the results fall in the range that counts. The ranges are so vast, they can't possibly be 'normal' all the way through.

Having said that, it is a very good idea to get your nutrients tested to see if you need supplements - never take anything you don't need. So, ask your doctor to test your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin. But, don't expect any help from your doctor with the results! They know nothing about nutrients, and if your results are anywhere in the range, the doctors will say 'normal'. Post your results on here, with the ranges, and we'll be able to tell you if they're optimal.

But, if you were thinking about these supplements that call themselves 'thyroid support', or any bunch of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc, forget it. They are just money-making scams for people who are worried about their health, not for those that are actually sick with anything. Multi-vits, and the like, won't do anything for you. :)


Welcome to our forum Katie.Can you give a little bit of history, please. When were you diagnosed and with what, i.e. hashimotos or hypothyroidism.

greygoose has made some pertinent points, i.e 'normal' for instance and has given good advice.

Once we are diagnosed we are surprised after being on thyroid hormone replacements for a while (levothyroxine) and we don't appear to be improving as we think we should.

We have to read and learn and ask questions from the members who are very helpful and I think all of us on this forum have found support.

When you have a blood test for thyroid hormones it should be a fasting one and the appointment should be the earliest possible. The TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is highest a.m. and some doctors don't increase dose or lower it according to the result. This isn't the correct thing to do unless someone is seriously overdosed which would be rare.

Also allow 24 hours from your last dose of levo and the test and take it afterwards. Also levo should be taken with one full glass of water and wait about an hour before eating. Food can interfere with the uptake. Most take levo when they get up and some others take dose at bedtime, as long as you've last eaten 2.5 hours before.

Always get a print-out of your results with the ranges for your own records and you can post if you have a query.

When you get to an optimum of hormones - that means you feel well with no clinical symptoms and how we 'feel' is a better judge most times than blood tests which are 'normal'. :)

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Thanks for that info, does the same apply to WP Thyroid?

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I use the same method for blood test (i.e. fasting and 24 hours) whether levo or NDT. You just might need more levothyroxine as GP might be restricting you due to blood test and many do fine on an optimum dose. It would also save you trying to source and buying your own as it is a lifetime we'll be on hormones

If you can get a print-out, and we all do, from the surgery - just say it's for your own records - we are entitled by law in UK. Sometimes also a little T3 added to T4 can also do the trick. It is trial and error :)

Who told you your tests were normal? Your doctor? They have a vested interest in telling you you're normal. Personally I said 'Thank you I'm cured' my doctor said no you will have to take thyroxine for the rest of your life. So I didn't get a cure and I stayed on the level I was already on.

Hi Katie,

Try increasing the protein in your diet, to 1.5g/kg. Eat organic meat and eggs wild fish, nuts, seeds, and lentils. Increase healthy fats - nuts and nut butters, seeds, organic eggs and butter, coconut, olive avocado, flax, and nut oils. Eat all veggies, especially non-starchy ones, limit potatoes and corn. Lower carbohydrate intake - avoid wheat products and sugar in any form.

When you get hungry, think "I need protein" or "I need healthy fat."

You may be short of trace minerals. Chromium deficiency is linked to blood sugar problems. Look into taking a high quality multi - look up Thorne Research NutiFem, which has the most bioavailable firms of nutrients in optimum proportions. Start there and see how you do.

If the above isn't helpful, then look for something more serious, but the above can help many health problems and is a good start

Good luck!

I am totally amazed with all this information. Thank you everyone for responding. I have never fasted before blood test nor have I delayed taking my tablet till after blood test. I have never had a print out of my results just took there word for it. I have never been tested for lack of vitamins or nutrients. I was diagnosed 3 yrs ago after losing 6 stone (exercise and diet) which was such hard work but I have been unable to lose the last 1.7 stone even now being on medication. Under activethyroid is what I was diagnosed. A trip to the doctor is in need this week I think thank you everyone.

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