BMJ Looking for Patients to Review Articles

BMJ Looking for Patients to Review Articles

The BMJ has committed to improving the relevance and patient centredness of its research, education, analysis, and editorial articles.

In order to do this the BMJ are looking for patients and carers to review articles in their journal. No expertise in scientific peer review is needed. They are looking for patients with experience of living with a condition, caring for someone that lives with a condition or patient advocates.

Reviewers will receive free membership to the BMJ as a thank you for taking part. Do think about doing this as we need to ensure that patient views on hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism articles are collected.

You can find full guidance for patient reviewers here:

5 Replies

  • That looks very interesting. I have applied!

  • Excellent!

  • What a brilliant brilliant idea. Well done BMJ.

  • I have applied too, although I was rather puzzled by the question about topics for review... I decided to go for Levothyroxine monotherapy and Levothyroxine/Liothyronine combination therapy, both of which I have personal experience of. It looks very interested and I shall look forward to seeing what they come back with.

  • I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes....

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