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Hey, iv been suffering with anxiety for a while now, (health anxiety) and it really is horriboe constant thinking im going to die and im only 22 iv ad ecgs bloods doctors appiotments like mad but it has carlmed down.

But tonight my one arm started to av like a jittering feeling along side with my chest anybody know what this could be or is it me over thinking again... please help

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I cannot comment on your symptoms as i am not a medical person in any way. You could try the anxiety app though and this will give you strategies to ease your anxiety. I hope that helps and you feel better soon.


Do you have a thyroid condition aswell as anxiety issues? if so, we are both similar.

Although I am hypothyroid I suffer with anxiety which is more typical of hyperthyroidism. I also have PCOS so with two conditions that elevate heavy irregular periods it's no surprise that when I had a five week bleed my anxiety went through the roof! I am now back on my anti depressants which do help me but I am also going for fortnightly cbt sessions, are you getting medical help with your anxiety? and you say your anxiety is health related, how so? it's easy to think you're going to die when you are in a state if fight or flight but you automatically think the worst. You will not die from anxiety attacks. please remember that.


Tee123, why don't you share some of your blood test results with us - especially the thyroid ones? Low thyroid hormones can give you terrible anxiety. But it's difficult for anyone to hazard a guess without seeing your results. Have you been diagnosed hypo or hyper? Details are very important. :)


Constant anxiety often brings about panic attacks, sounds to me that could be it, then the more you worry about it the worse it gets. Perhaps you should consider asking your doctor to give you some sort of mild sedative just for a while to help you out.


Hi Tee123,

I'm assuming from being on here that you also have a thyroid disorder,

so getting your nutrition & medication levels balanced might help

stop what's happening.

I had terrifying shaking attacks of fear, for no reason whatsoever, on top of panic attacks & general anxiety that stops me sleeping. I can't do anything about my psycho drug addict neighbours, aside from having my phone in hand to call the police, or my other noisy neighbour's clomping & blaring telly, but the unexplained frightening shaking attacks stopped soon after I started taking thyroid hormones. I read somewhere that low thyroid hormones can cause a sudden increase in adrenal hormones to compensate, which made sense in my case.

As Greygoose has said, your blood test results would help the good folks on here to help you more effectively. Also, are you taking any other medication as a result of your panic attacks that might impact on your thyroid hormones? It wouldn't be the first time a doctor had prescribed contraindicated medication, or something that doesn't agree with your body.

Hoping you're having a calm & warm weekend.


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