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Acronyms and this a good idea????

Hi folks

I have found this site enormously helpful, as I sort out the mysteries of Hashis.

HOWEVER! I know that there are repeated requests not to use acronyms and initials, but we can all fall into them for the sake of speed.

Despite extensive reading on this site, two have cropped up this morning that I have not managed to decider.!!

How about having a heading where folk can look these up? It would help newbies like me?

This mornings ones were : EBV (yes, I know, I have worked that one out now), and PCOS, still puzzling.

So many of us have brain fog, and this adds a tad to our struggle, a heading I think would be helpful, what do others think???

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Polycystic ovary syndrome 😊


There is one already

Look under Pinned Posts for Hevella's Abbreviations and Acronyms


Thanks so much peeps,

Have a good day

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It would be helpful if people didn't assume that everyone understands the abbreviations they make. Helvella has a pinned list of Abbreviations and Acronyms to the right of your post.

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Or at the bottom of the page depending on the device you are using.

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Thanks all, I should have looked before coming up with a bright idea!!!

Thanks again for all you guys (guys in the most general sense!) do, literally life saving in so many ways

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