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What are symptoms of a Hashi flare up?


Been feeling a bit rubbish last few days. Not necessarily more tired, but my have a pain in left side of stomach which feels like I'm really bloated, constipated, but I've been going to the loo.

Also, my bones ache a bit more. Elbow and wrist in particular. Pretty sure it's early arthritis as it's in the family. But it's hurting a bit more than usual.

I have Hashimotos. Just interested to know if this could be considered a flare up and what other people experienced when they're having one. Also, how long does it last?

I am gluten free and take Selenium plus other things. I have high cortisol at all 4 times - measured through the saliva test for which I'm taking PS and now Holy Basil Tulsi tea.

Just wondering what others go through?

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A Hashi flare is likely to include pain or swelling of the thyroid or throat, feeling hyper or over medicated, feeling fluey and achey.


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