Hashimoto's disease

Hi, I have Hashimoto's and currently taking small dose of Erfa thyroid and don't feel great. I have tried larger dosage, but still did'nt feel any better:(. I have also tried Thyroxine and others, but nothing really makes me feel 'normal'! Also I have lost a lot of weight. I always thought you gained weight, but I lost weight and now cannot put any weight on, although I have been trying desperately for years now. Does anyone else have similar problems?

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  • Hi jan141 I think ppl will want to see you last lot of lab readings to advise you. I had hashimotos and from advise on here have gone gluten free and I think it I'd really helping my throat isn't burning any more I've also had pressure points for thyroid (I saw an oestmolugist) because I've see her for.back problems. I've also started drinking Scottish flower tea and hemp again recommended on her somebody got antibodies right.down so I want to do the same.to see if I can save/help my Thyroid. I've also got a HEPA filter for our bedroom to help me offload toxins whilst I sleep. something I've read in a thyroid plan book. I'm also doing as much organic as possible it is more expensive but what price us our health. I've read if you can't do everything organic do seeds and nuts. The weight thing i don't know enough about but I am doing the same.although I've been dieting as well and my Dr did mention he thinks I may be going hyper to then be hypo but I'm not over confident in his diagnosis there are far more knowledgeable people on here

    Good luck hope you feel better soon

  • Isn't hemp a goitergen? I go hypo if I take any.

  • Not sure

  • Have you tried Natural Dessicated Thyroid?

  • Erfa Thyroid is a desiccated thyroid product (also known as NDT). :-)

  • I don't have weight loss, but do have hashimotos and found NDT did not work for me. Neither did T4 only or T4/T3 combination. I have been on T3 only since August and have felt so much better and more like my old self. Perhaps you could consider going T3 only with guidance from this forum? X

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