Anyone used Iodex please ? Contains iodine

Anyone used Iodex please ? Contains iodine

Hi don't know if anyone can help ? My friend gave me this Iodex for migraines etc and it's brilliant and I have just given it to my mother in law who has been suffering from terrible neck pain for a few weeks and had been given Diazapan and codeine will no help at all ! She used the Iodex and is free of neck pain .. My worry is we are both on thyroxine and I noticed in the ingredients that it contains iodine ! Would these be detrimental for us to use ?? Many thanks

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  • Lynwinn,

    How much iodine is in it?

  • Hi clutter I will check when I pick it up from her ? Thing is it's excellent stuff then I had a little worry when I saw iodine 😁 Xxx

  • It looks like an updated version of the ointment we used to use for wounds on horses (and their carers) 40-50 years ago. Same name, different jar (I still have some!). Only ever used for wounds and used to suffer from terrible migraines back then, so it obviously didn't do anything for mine. Iodine can be bad for people with hashis as it can cause an increase in antibodies.

  • OMG I've got hashis not sure if she has ? Don't think she knows ? Crikey worried now and such a shame it's really helped her and me 😥 Xxxx

  • Well, if it hasn't made you worse, it's probably OK to use occasionally, just not every day for a long period.

  • I've always been told never to use anything with iodine in it.

    I've been hypo for 30years and stay away from kelp etc due to iodine

  • Oh dear I'm a little worried now she has been hypothyroid for years and me almost 2 years the stuff is brilliant it cleared my migraine within minutes and helped my mother in law so much but I will have to take it off her if detrimental to us with hypothyroid 😘

  • I have Hashi's and been using iodine in small quantities for the past year - it has really helped. Dr David Brownstein is a great advocate for the use of iodine, look him up. I know its use is contentious but when I looked at what foods I eat that can be relied upon to contain any iodine - there was virtually nothing there and I really don't like shell fish of any kind.

  • Oh thank you so much 😀 Don't feel so worried now ..I will look DR David Brownstein up thank you xxxx

  • Dr Mark Starr is also a huge advocate of iodine... it seems with most thyroid problems what helps one person can hurt another :( trial and error?

    I have read many articles that say as long as it is below the daily nrv of 150ug then it is fine. Read, weigh up pros and cons then decide what's right for you! imho

    Good luck

    Linda x

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