Thermal ablation of nodules and cysts

I've just been for what I thought was a routine check up on cyst, to be asked by the consultant when I was having hemithyroidectomy. He then showed me a letter sent to my go 6 months ago. .... never seen it before in my life. Also stated cyst was 4 cm when it is actually 2cm .

Anyway I've been consulting dr google and come across this Where they ablate cysts etc as an outpatient procedure.

any comments/ knowledge would be appreciated

Thank you !

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You should discuss it with your specialist. I'm not aware that RFA ablatement for thyroid cysts is available on the NHS or even privately in the UK.

I am going to Italy for RFA on 18th January. I'm in the process of asking for funding from the NHS but doubt I'll get it. It's going to cost me £3340, including flights, airbnb, procedure.


Is it not available privately in the UK or is it more expensive in the UK?

As far as I know NICE only approved laser ablation for thyroid nodules in July 2016, therefore nobody is as yet experienced in the procedure. I don't want to wait until somebody is hence my going to Italy. In fact the endo surgeon I saw, who wanted to remove half my thyroid, subsequently agreed that I should go to Italy for this, as he'd just been to see how it works. As have many other doctors/radiologists from the UK>


Thanks, I hope it works for you.

Hi Marou, how did you get on in italy? I hope it went well

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