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Solitary large thyroid nodule - Classified as U4 (Ultrasound)


Following an ultrasound scan (28.10.2016), it has been discovered that I have a solitary hypoechoic nodule occupying my entire right lobe ( 56x33x25) with both peripheral and central vascularity. After several phone calls explaining the referral is market as 'Urgent' and lots of tears I got an appointment for today at North Middlesex Hospital.

The Consultant didn't ask me many questions, actually didn't ask anything about family history, any other symptoms, he just told me he will just perform a FNA and we will discuss after the biopsy result will come back in several weeks. That was it. I have tried to ask questions but what I got back was only 'We talk in few weeks'!

As all of you can imagine I am a bit scared and I have been also very disappointed by his behaviour. can you please tell me if this is normal? Also, is anyone who seen Dr.Nethaji? I would really appreciate a feedback on PM.



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It is standard protocol to do a fine needle aspiration biopsy on nodules >2cm to check whether it is benign or malignant. 95% of thyroid nodules are benign.

You will be given a local anaesthetic to numb your neck and throat before the FNA which involves inserting a needle into the thyroid nodule to draw off cells for analysis. It is not painful but is a little uncomfortable lying with your throat thrust upwards. It will probably take around 30-45 minutes. I had some soreness and bruising for a few days after the procedure but nothing that paracetamol couldn't cope with.

Generally nodules don't cause symptoms unless they are compressing the airway or pressing on a nerve.



I had a large nodule (partly visible) on the right beside my collarbone which was surgically removed some years ago with no after surgery problems and no regrowth so don't panic if you need surgery. My great Grandmother had a huge growth in the centre of her neck which was never removed and she lived until she was 90.

If you do have surgery make sure that they check your Thyroid levels as you may require T4 or T3 or both if there is a problem with your Thyroid function.


I had a biopsy on Thursday and I was told nothing about the nodule at all. I just saw that it was rather large .. I was also told that the results would take a few weeks.. which isn't plesant. I'll b ringing my doc 2 weeks after if I havnt herd anythn ...


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