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Because I'm so cross at Dr trying to say "I shouldn't believe everything.I read" when I mentioned this site and him admitting he DIDN'T know when bloods should be done and me asking phlobottomist (who quite frankly couldn't have cared less) I looked it up on nhs website it does say about fasting and taking meds BUT nowhere can I find about timing AND this is the best bit IF unsure ask health care professional. Or your Dr well I did and they didn't know! ROFL

Hope you enjoyed and laughed xx

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  • Google circadian rhythm and thyroid. That's what you need.

  • Thanks x

  • Here's another one for you. I was researching food intolerance and of course all independent sites e.g. Allergy UK state consult your GP before taking anything out of your diet. BUT so does the NHS site. My GPs comment was that they were covering their backs! And he hoped I'd be able to find enough things I could eat.

  • It's like when the say "always consult your doctor before starting any exercise regime" - covering their backs, but can you imagine what doctors would say if you consulted them every time you wanted to start a yoga or pilates class? It would probably be along the lines of "stop wasting my time, you moron"! :-)

  • They don't do if any nutritional training

  • I asked for another blood test today. I asked about fasting both before blood test, and also about what time to take my levo. She said I didn't have to fast before the blood test, and that it was Ok to take my levo at whatever time suited me. She wasn't going to include all the vitamin tests as well, but I asked her to include them (ferritin, folate, etc.) and she said "it was probably a good idea". She did at least know the names of the other tests.

  • Lol I had a reply they sent me the link back which I'd read I replied Saud didn't mention thyroid tests maybe they may review it BUT I'm not holding my breath! Good luck with your bloods

  • Regarding timing, this is the best link I know of :


    Look at the TSH graph on page 2, You are looking for the time when TSH is at its highest while also being at a time when surgeries and phlebotomy clinics are open. And that is around 8am (if you are lucky enough to be able to get an appointment for blood taking at that time).

  • Thanks human beam.very interesting will sit with a cuppa to take it all in! X

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