Blood in my poo

Hi everyone , I've been seeing light red blood in my poo recently and it really hurts when I go toilet , does anyone know what has caused it? Is it Normal? I went to the gp but I didn't get examined because there wasn't a female doctor available. When I told my gp about it he didn't say anything really. But I'm really worried and I don't know what to do

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  • You need to go back to your GP, only he/she can give you the answer, could be something simple like hemorrhoids but needs checking.

  • Yes probably piles. I came back from hols and found one morning the loo was full of blood. I panicked. The doc gave me a test for inflammation firstly and then I had colonoscopy, however it turned out to be piles!! get it checked tho'

  • Staceia, Light red blood is fresh and if you are constipated the hard stools may be breaking the skin around your anus causing the bleeding or you may have haemorrhoids (piles). Neither are serious, although haemorrhoids can be very painful and itchy when inflamed. Your pharmacist can give you something to soften your stools which will probably clear it up. Drink plenty of fluids as dehydration can cause constipation.

    If the blood in your stools becomes dark you need to go back to your GP straight away as that can be a sign of bowel disease.

  • No it's definitely not normal. I agree with the others - sounds like piles (haemorrhoids) or maybe a little tear but you really do need to be checked out.

    You need to keep regular, Fybogel is good, I mix it with fizzy water and it tastes like orange lemonade, like Clutter says the pharmacist can give you something to soften your stools too.

    Make an appointment with a female doctor - if you have a long wait speak to your pharmacist and see what they can advise in the meantime.

  • Thank you guys.

  • I wpuld suggest getting Anusol which can be applied around the anus. I had something like this but prefered to be seen by whoever was free male or female gp. I wanted to be sesn by the gp who specialised in piles! But as others wrote, as long as it's ffresh blood it's not so bad but still, don't delay getting an appointment with the right gp. Good luck!

  • It is the dark, coffee ground looking blood that is worrisome. If you have been constipated or have an irritated bowel, hemmroid, or tears, it is pretty harmless and normal..i mean, not the scary kind of blood that says cancer or anything. When a Mucus Membrane, like a Bowel is irritated, it bleeds.

  • It's most likely either anal fissures or piles but you must have it checked.

  • Fybogel was mentioned above. It does help but it is very expensive. The active ingredient of fybogel is isphagula. If you do some googling you find out that it has another name - psyllium seed husk. And under that name you have oodles of choice.

    The one I used to buy is Lepicol Whole Psyllium Husks which is a loose powder. You can determine your own dose and add your own flavouring. I used fruit-flavoured squash with no added sugar.

    Make sure you start with a very low dose and increase slowly. You can expect to feel bloated and windy but it wears off after 3 or 4 days. Always make sure you mix the powder with lots and lots of liquid.

    These days I no longer use any products like this. I find that taking vitamin C in sufficient quantities does the job for me.

  • You need to be examined by your doctor. I had bleeding for 9 months  also pain on going to the toilet. My go did not examine me just said I had piles. It got worse and I eventually had a private consultation  to have piles treated.It yurned out that I had anal cancer and I am now in the middle of chemotherapy and radiotherapy  treatment. If my GP had examined me she would have realised that it was not piles. So make sure you are looked at if it continues just to be on the safe side.

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