Wow I have a grin from ear to ear only THANKS to this site!!

After my horrendous visit to Dr 3 weeks ago and him saying testing "my ferrtine etc would be a waste.of time but he'd do it to put my mind at rest" (coondescending git) well surprise my his gonna contact.endo cause he now thinks I could be going hyper.which will then go to hypo PMSL cause that's what I thought (after reading posts on here and reading all your knowledgeable replies) maybe was happening even though he told me "it doesn't work like that) I have hassi's and suspected vitalago (nobody will confirm it) so 2auto immunes addressing that with diet but said doing gluten free so he thought I was worried about coelic disease bless no there's links about gluten I replied so maybe he may look up and do some research himself we cab only hope

But it's all with your great knowledge,support and repeating get bloods tested that I did and I am convinced that my Thyroid journey will not be as long and drawn out as it would have been without this site and you good people

All the very best 😊 xx

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Hi Debsoxford,

High ferritin is usually due to inflammation or infection, it's not an indication you may be over medicated.

If thyroid peroxidase and/or thyroglobulin antibodies are over range it confirms autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's).

Thanks Clutter, I'm not on any meds yet but because I insisted he did folate etc (thanks to site) his now talking to Endo bout me so it's g8 cause I'm on the fast track as opposed to an idiot Dr not knowing what to do! Best wishes x

Well done for fighting your corner. This site has helped so many. The GP will not be interested in the vitiligo as it does not cause any problems (unless you go out in the sun as you have no protection in those areas), but it is an indication of auto immune, a subject not many GPs know much about. I hope you feel really well soon.

Thanks yes the site is so helpful

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