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Anyone with Addisons and Hashimoto working for NHS? Question about Occupational health assessment

Does anyone who works for NHS have experience of positive Occupational Health assessment? I just had very difficult NHS Occupational Health assessment today. :( I have been already working in demanding NHS job as support worker - working in zero hours contract for the same local NHS trust. I have Addisons Disease disgnosis since 2015 and Hashimoto diagnosis since 1983. I am well and stable.

But NHS OH nurse today questioned whether I am capable to start my new,different NHS job while having Addisons... Nurse will write to my Endocrinologist for advice.

OH nurse told me people with Addisons who work for my local NHS trust are not allowed to lone work, for example visit clients home and apparently it is the same for staff who have Epilepsy. .I am so disappoined and so worried now.

I am aware that a big part of my new job (working as Assistant Psychologist) would be visiting clients in their homes, day services, observing them, writing reports. OH nurse says I cannot do that because I could have a Addisons crisis? I have never had Addisons crisis, after being very ill in 2015 I am now very well and stable, having both Addisons and Hashimoto well managed by taking my medication regularly.

If the final OH decision is that I am not allowed lone work, my new NHS manager would probably decide I cannot do my job when lone working is large and essential part of the job. I had similar experience in past in different job regarding different disability, where OH suggested reasonable adjusmtnet for certain disability but manager said reasonable adjustment not possible as that part of role was essential for me to do.

Is anyone here working for NHS and has some advice, is open to share experience?

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Hi Jbsa70

I work for the NHS and am under Occupational Health in relation to the significant impact Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism have had on my health and performance at work.

I'm not sure I can be much help as I'm currently subject to an underperforming process, which may result in me losing my job.

In my role, I lone work most of the time and they haven't used this as yet in their concerns .

I would query the evidence base they are using to make that decision and ask for it to be escalated higher if needed. I would question whether they've risk assessed this appropriately if you can evidence that you've not had an Addison's crisis.

I feel for you in this situation , as I've found my current NHS employer to be rigid in their thinking and not at all what you would hope for, given their very nature of business is caring for people's health.

I hope you can get beyond this and commence your new job soon.

Louise x

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Hi Louise,

sorry to hear about your difficulties. Thank you for your kind words. I just sent you PM.


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I’m in a similar situation as yourself, I am a HCSW in my local hospital, i have epilepsy and steroid induced Addison disease and I’m in finding it extremely difficult at the moment to work on a ward that is really busy as I had a seizure and a Addisons crisis this November, at the end of the day we are human beings just because we have illnesses shouldn’t give someone the right to tell us that we are not fit to work, I’m only 27 years of age and I’m already suffering from depression and anxiety so the thought of not being able to come and do the job I love just purely down the simple reason that I’m told I’m not well enough is heartbreaking :(


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