Antithyroid peroxidase antibodies and pregnancy

Hello all, I am 13 weeks pregnant. It has been a very long journey to get here due to thyroid and very high antithyroid antibodies (>1300.) I was treated with steroids to suppress my immune system which appeared to do the trick and I have just weaned off them.

I am now wondering what my antithyroid antibodies reading is and if it is high still whether that will have an effect on my pregnancy. I wondered if anyone could help or had any reading/links that might be helpful.

To be honest I am scared stiff that something is going to go wrong! Prior to getting pregnant I took Selenium 200mg and gave up gluten (am still gluten free) so this could have had an impact on my levels.

Any info gratefully received!

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  • Just to add...I am under a consultant endocrinologist and my TSH levels are currently stable.

  • I cannot comment specifically regarding your question and anti thyroid antibodies . But when I was pregnant my midwife referred me to an Endocrine Obstetrician consultant at the hospital to monitor my thyroid levels. Are you taking Levo? Not sure what meds you are on. I was on 50 Levo and as soon as I discovered I was pregnant I had my dose increased immediately and then by the end of my 9mrhs term I was on 150 Levo. Not sure if it helps you but that was the situation for me.

  • Hi

    My thyroid antibodies were>1000 and I took steroids for the first trimester. My pregnancy was successful and I had no idea what the antibody numbers were as I wasn't tested again. I did test positive for Trabs too, and my baby was tested for thyroid problems at birth and all was fine. Try not to worry. Good luck

  • Thanks so much for your responses, Wombletor you don't know how good it is to hear your news, have been worrying like mad! Glad to hear you have a healthy baby and all is well!

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