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Back to fatigue following dmsa?

Hey guys,

Just wondering.... have any of you detoxed mercury and how did you feel?

I'm on NDT 2 grains. just over s week ago I was beginning to feel really good. no morning fatigue, no daytime fatigue and good mood. but i have high mercury and my private doc advised to detox it as it could be the root cause of my hashimoto's. he put me on DMSA 3 DAYS IN A ROW EVERY FORTNIGHT FOR 6 FORTNIGHTS. I

taki supplements as he advised. last week was my 3rs fornight and somehow I cannot pull myself together. Had morning fatigue and today daytime also. I had high cortisol on saliva test in all 4 readings a couple of months ago so supporting my adrenals. but i don't know what to think... Is the detox sabotaging my adrenals more or should I stick with it? also I was on my period this week so could this be causing mu fatigue? im so disappointed. I really don't want to feels so exhausted again :-(. getting so fed up with 1 step forward and 2 back. on the bright side however, my hair loss is slowing down a lot. but even on 2 grain (been on it for the past 2 weeks) my basal temperature is between 34 - 35,6 Celsius. jumps up and down instead if going up slowly but surely.

Thank you for any comments

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Katka - did you have a heavy metal toxicity test done? Did your doctor warn you that you could feel unwell?

Not everyone gets on with that chelation regime, I was doing monthly then switched to fortnightly which very much affected my health. The problem is that the good minerals are being pulled out too and that can affect you. Did your doctor not advise you to stop the adrenal supplement whilst chelating?

I think it would be a good idea to stop and perhaps try again in a month for one day only. In the meantime follow a good diet and take your usual supplements.


Hi cinnamon girl.

I did have a hair test done which showed high mercury and aluminium. Doc said if I feel "spaced out" to take more vitamin E. I'm not taking adrenal supplement just my usual vitamins and minerals and NDT.but the protocol says not to take minerals on DMSA days. so for 3 days I don't take them and then I'm back on them. he said it's a safe protocol that he follows himself and a lot of his colleagues. but i do wonder...

How did you make yourself ill? did it make you I'll for a long time? and was it reversible? do you think I should take a particular amount of minerals? I really don't know. I don't want to book a consultation yet as don't have the money. will wait a few more weeks but I'm worried. Did you also use dmsa? it also make me constipated while I'm on it which I wonder whether might not be counter productive. I do drink 2L of water. what else can I take to help myself to detox safely? i tak Co enzyme Q10, fish oil and all sorts, even chlorella and cilantro and dandelion root am with lemon water. eat lot of fat and protein even though not enough calories for the day overall i think. not sure it matters. even thinking of trying coffee enemas... goodness me. Its crazy stuff. I might have to take it leas often as you say :-(.

Thank you for your reply.


Katka - I'd done a fair bit of Googling regarding chelation and there's really no consensus on the best protocol. We're all different and need to listen to our body.

I experienced a lot of nausea and higher than normal exhaustion for a month but also have Lyme disease which has its own problems. Have now stopped chelating thus allowing my body to heal.

It sounds as though you're doing all the right things with your diet and supplements but you're saying it's not enough calories. Perhaps worth trying more frequent but smaller meals?

You'd need to take something to deal with the constipation, for example Swanson tri-fiber complex. Check out EcoNugenics products, I take their Pectaclear environmental toxin cleanser for my high levels of lead, mercury etc. Have also taken their Pectasol. Not cheap though but quality products.

Why not give yourself a few months to heal and then have a phone consult with your doctor?

Do take care of yourself.


Thank you a lot

I shall do some more Reading and eat more. its just that NDT T3 is suppressing my appetite a bit plus I have apparently many food intolerances.. but I'll deal with that. Yes I agree, there is a lot to read on chelation and about a million protocols. Ithink supporting your body while doing it so very important. glad you're doing well now. Maybe if you haven't yet, you might want to read the e book by Ian Michael Solelly - how to eliminate heavy metals safely. I re read it last night and he has a lot of good tips. not using dmsa or dmps or so... have a read, I quite like it. i think I'll finish these 3 weeks of my protocol and then will have a consultation with the doctor. and Thank you for the tips on other supplements. I'll definitely look into it. Can't be constipated when I need to rid my body of the metals. I also have near infrared sauna at home but I don't know if it really does anything in terms of detoxing metals doctor said the metals are rid of trough poops and pees :-). but ay least it feels super relaxing sitting here .

Thanks you and all the best


Katka - are you doing anything to heal your gut? Do you have candida? I do believe that to a certain degree one needs to be in reasonable health before chelating otherwise the body is put under huge stress. The EcoNugenics products help with constipation, they're gentle and I've not had the runs.

Yes, an infrared sauna will help by sweating out the nasties. I'm using mine 3 times a week followed by the use of an exfoliating mitt in the shower prior to using soap. More info here:


I don't think I have candida. I had comprehensive stool test and it didn't say I had cando


Have you had all your metal fillings out?

Given the choice, I'd choose MCP (modified citrus pectin) over DMSA, etc. It's reputed to be effective but gentle.

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Thanks for that link Londinium. PectaClear (EcoNugenics) is certainly helping me, bloomin' expensive mind.

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Hi CG,

I first heard MCP mentioned in a podcast a doctor who that his patient brought it to his attention. It was a podcast on the Green Medicine Online site, which is run by the Tahoma Clinic in Seattle - which was founded by Dr Jonathan Wright (whose clinic and supplements were raided by cops).

You might be able to find the actual podcast via the following link.


Interesting, thanks. Why did that happen to Dr Wright?

I started taking these products around February, along with a candida supplement. PectaClear contains per serving 1.5g of modified citrus pectin and 750mg of modified alginate complex. My stomach has never felt better!

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Are you taking them for heavy metals or something else?

Re Dr Wright, they've been harassing naturopaths for a long while.


Londinium, I have some very high levels of heavy metals.


I think there are also videos online with Dr Wright talking about this.

Anyone who thinks that major corporations are ONLY interested in helping, not harming or hindering, are either deluded or not awake to the reality.



Thanks Londinium.

Agree with your comments too.


Sorry cinnamon girl I sent it Before had the chance to finish.

Were going to say that I had comprehensive stool test and it didn't say I had candida. I know that body has to be in reasonable state before chelation and I'm wondering why he put me on the chelation protocol already when not even my thyroid is stable yet. but i will ask him.

Thank you Londinium, I'll check out the product you mentioned if you say it's more gentle. dmsa feels rough to me


It's good that you don't have candida though. Hope you feel better soon.

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