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Tea bags!

Ok this may seem a bit ridiculous but I've just had a bizarre revelation!

Tea bags! Last week a friend mentioned to me that teabags have plastic in them. It's used in the bag, simply so it doesn't disintegrate in your cup when you pour the boiling water on. But hey I've found loads of stuff online that the plastic can start to decay right there in your cup.

I've also read recently that a lot of problems with the thyroid gland and functions is that it can use incorrect chemicals to bind with.

How about tea bag plastics?

I feel so annoyed! I've cut out wheat,lactose, sugar . I distill my water to remove fluoride and drink from glass not plastic. I've exchanged all my cosmetics and wash items to the most simplistic products and wash my clothes without detergent. But I've drank tea the whole time.... From tea bags. Gutted! I hate the modern world and all the lies we have to uncover to live as healthily as we can. tea bags!!! Worse than Nick Clegg! Bah

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Thanks for posting. It's tea leaves from now on, I think:-


I think you will find that tea in itself contains fluoride - I think that there is something about it on the main site but definetely in Doc Peatfields book !xx Def worse than Nick Clegg!! x


This discussion came up before quite a while back though. I seem to remember the outcome was something to do with the cholrine (bleach), and that the best teabags to use were the twinnings specialty (not the everyday ones) t bags which are bleach free. Didnt know about the plastic in them, but I only drink tea every now and again as it doesnt really agree with my stomach so I'm not an expert.


You get a nice cuppa when made with tea leaves!!


I have also heard the glue used in the tea bags can contain gluten! Annoying if you cut out pasta, bread, pastry and then get glutanated from a tea bag. I only use tea leaves now, honestly, the things we have to do.

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Shocking, gluten does seem to pop up in such strange places. Do you know if it is in herbal tea bags too as most organic ones are stapled, probably not good either?


I don't know for certain. I now worry that other glue may contain gluten, so open rice packets etc by cutting a hole in the side, so as to avoid pouring the rice over the tiny bit of glue that remains when you open the packet correctly. no one in my family has yet asked why all the packets have been stabbed!


Clipper teas and Jacksons don't use plastic in the bags. Some otherwise organic brands do. Easiest (but slowest) way to find out is to put them on the compost heap. If they don't disappear, they are plastic (well, polypropylene).




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