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Carbimazole & mouth ulcer

I have just felt a small ulcer erupt in my inner lower lip... Panic 😳

Am diagnosed 14 weeks ago with Graves, recently titrated down to 5mg of Carbimazole... For last 4 weeks.

I have already suffered with bad hives reaction at higher doses but been fine since dose has come down.

Now worried about ulcer, as apparently they take it very seriously when on Carbimazole.

Won't take meds until I go for bloods tomo but... Any one with any insight? Anyone had ulcers on Carbi? TIA

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It is not something I know anything about but wondered if these threads may be of interest :

There are lots more if you do a google search specific to this site - put the following search term into google :

site: carbimazole ulcers

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Thank you!


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