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Another warning


I can not believe it . I went back to work 15th nov after 6 weeks of being off from work really poorly . I told doctor been put on a warning in February for being ill , virus after virus chest infections , warning was I could have no sickness for 6 months . So even though I was ill kept going into work with virus after virus again & chest infections that wouldn't clear , felt so run down should of been home resting but couldn't because on warning . I asked for blood tests to see why I keep being ill this was 3rd oct I got diagnosed on the 12th oct with underactive thyroid & today even though had sick note with the diagnoses today I have been issued with yet another sick warning managers decision . I felt so upset she said don't take it personal , I said I don't choose for my body to have this condition.

It's shocking how this condition with also being exhausted I could eventually lose my job :-( can employers really treat you this way? I spoke to acas who advised if doctor said was a disability could be a chance with my appeal. Not sure if classed as disability though even though on tablets now for life .

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u will classed as disabled check out equality n diversity act and there will be a part that will fit symptoms and when u find that section write email (with delivery \read receipt) to both manager & HR informing Them u have a disability for there records and any disability related illness should not b considered with normal sickness absences. Stand up for your rights bit make u officially inform them of your disability and symptoms. Good luck 🍀 don't be bullied and reading up on equality & diversity act x

Thanku so very much for your reply speckles70 . I have been awake all night with worrying about this warning. The thought of going in there having to pretend everything is ok . After manager telling me don't take it personal when it was her decision to give me the warning. She has seen how ill I have been over the last 12 months if not longer . Of course I take it personal I can't help this.

and it is personal. Do lots of reading around yours rights and have it officially recorded with every symptom so any further absence can be directly linked to your thyroid disability and therefore should not count as a normal absence. Don't forget to add insomnia to your list of symptoms (guess u lime me have this, due to time)? And tell them in your official email how you have been made to feel. Might be fun to look at your works P&P on disability in work place which should by law link to uk equality &Diversity act. Gunna try sleeping now (this will be fun) grrrrrr. But keep me informed and good luck and lots of hugs x

Thank you so much again really appreciate your reply & welcomed advice . Night :-)

ur welcome x

I lost my job last week and I think a large part of it was due to my poor health. Of course they never accepted that. I was under a 6 months probation so it was easier for the company to give me a week's notice.

oh yes unfortunately it does. Sorry to hear this it gets me angry when people who r ill trying to keep going to work whilst ill and treated badly grrrrrr. Hugs and hopefully a better job will come when your health is in a better place x

Thank you speckles70. I appreciate the advice and all the best to you too x

I am so so sorry to hear you lost your job, especially was through no fault of your own . So wrong how people can be treated this way we certainly don't ask for our bodies to do this to us it's an illness that can not be prevented :-(

Good luck

Sorry to hear about your experience Charlieboy01. Thanks and I wish you all the best.

ACAS advice sometimes annoys me - doctors aren't there to deal with social issues particularly those that fall into legal areas and most doctors will refuse to help for those reasons alone. The other reason doctors refuse to do this is because they don't like labeling people as disabled as it can make them give up on trying to live a normal life.

Hypothyroidism can be classed as a disability under the Equality Act however the best people to talk to is a union rep if you have one. If you don't or they are unhelpful you need to do your own research then make a disclosure to your employer in writing, ensuring you have proof you have done so, that you believe you have a disability under the Equality Act and would like some reasonable adjustments made. This doesn't stop the employer sacking you but in theory if they do and haven't sent you for an occupational health assessment you can take them to an employment tribunal for compensation. In practice because of tribunal fees and the stress of making a claim you are unlikely to do so.

Also if you aren't in a union depending on your employer it is still worth joining one. Generally if you are not in a unionised workplace and the union wants a foot in the door they will still help you. An outside rep is allowed to attend certain employer meetings with you e.g. disciplinary meeting and you can refuse to go to them/stop those management try to enforce on you without the reps presence. (As reps are very busy and not available for months this does make management in companies very angry and they will try an ambush you with such meetings - legally you are expected just to walk out!) Though now a union will not help you with a tribunal case unless it is likely to make a legal precedent.

Thanku very much for all your advice really appreciated

If you have depression as a result of the thyroid problem and can be referred to the mental health team they can be very helpful and supportive in these cases - they see right through this sort of discrimination (certainly did in my case). They have some clout legally and you would qualify as disabled and have some protection against your employers underhand methods. It is best to have union support to battle through this disgusting type of discrimination by employers which I think is beyond the pale. Don't give them an inch they are acting in a reprehensible manner and breaking employment law. Deffo try and get a better employer when you are up to it. They don't deserve you and have no respect

Thank you very much for the advice & your kind words too :-)

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