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Vaccines as a trigger for Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

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After many years of robust health and an efficient immune system that let me avoid colds and the usual childhood illnesses I was diagnosed aged 70 with Graves and TED. The usual triggers of stress, virus etc. didn't seem to apply and I am left wondering if injections - Hep A, thyroid and Tetanus given prior to a trip to Asia could be the trigger as symptoms appeared soon after. Does anyone know of any research into this or does anyone like me suspect vaccines as the trigger.

10 Replies
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I have wondered about a correlation with vaccines as well. I too have graves. Alex

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We are often told health issues can begin with the gut. So I think if there is a weakness vaccines can have an adverse effect on the gut/ immune system. Vaccines are intended to create an immune response which in some cases can be an over re-action.

These are just my thoughts ...

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asiatic in reply to Marz

I too wondered about the possible over reaction as I had all three at the same time. Also could it be that someone like myself whose immune system is very "efficient" would have a stronger reaction. I know stress is often the trigger but I have eliminated it in my case and so am looking for other possibilities and if anyone knows of any research looking at this.

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I actually didn't have many vaccines as a child and had most of the childhood illnesses including measles, rubella, mumps, scarlet fever and chickenpox. My mother was very worried when I had these diseases because her mother lost 2 little brothers who were 2 and 3. They both had measles and were both dead within 2 weeks. Her mother told her how her mother nearly went mad with grief but because she was pregnant with her sister and managed to cope somehow. I made sure both my children were vaccinated and my daughter is making sure her son has all his vaccines as well. I personally don't think my illness was cause by vaccines but I think it was caused by going through a very traumatic experience of watching my best friend of 30 years die a painful death from cancer. Others might disagree with me but I know of a few people with Graves' whose illness has been triggered by some kind of trauma in their life. Just to add I have had the tetanus jab several times and had no reaction just a sore arm.

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This is heartbreaking, Lora. Your poor grandmother. I simply can't imagine how someone gets through that. And I'm sorry to hear about your best friend. Cancer is a wicked disease.

I think my Hashis was bubbling away as a result of a lot of stress and a couple of traumas in childhood. I think what kicked it into hypothyroidism was both my dad and father in law dying completely unexpectedly in the 4 weeks before my wedding. It was a very stressful and traumatic experience. I can see looking back that I've been declining since then, which is also borne out in my bloods. TSH has been steadily rising whilst t3 and t4 has been steadily decreasing...

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Hi, I wonder whether all of the posters so far have a point, in that all have had a 'stressor' (or several), in the widest sense, on the body.

I am very reactive, particularly to chemicals and recently found this suggestion:

'Autoimmune disorders are a consequence of the body's inability to convert toxins into harmless by-products fast enough'

I know that my liver detox function is poor (and am working on it!) but perhaps more of us have cumulative toxin issues. My genetic weaknesses are for poor detoxification, and I am certain that stress was a big part of the trigger for those genes to express.

Best wishes

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I don't know of any research for this, but anecdotally I was also diagnosed about 2 years after returning from a trip to Asia. I did get a set of vaccines before going on the trip. I am genetically pre-disposed towards the condition though as various relatives have it.

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asiatic in reply to elderflower2016

Interesting to hear you had vaccine too. I think everyone with Graves is genetically predisposed but our triggers vary although I don't suppose 2 similar cases would be statistically significant !

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Jumping in on this later, in 2018 my father died, then the next day I was Dx breast cancer, then had radio iodine injection as part of the diagnostics... a perfect storm, I'd say! Five months later, after losing lots of weight and getting the shakes, I was Dx Graves, the TED a couple of months later... 🤷‍♀️ I did have my covid vaccine about ten days ago, the side effects were mild and fleeting... I figured the risk of getting covid was worse than the vaccine, but everyone must make their own decision on that obvs.

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Oh, and I'd had a tetanus injection in 2015 with no worries. But since Dx, I've discovered I have a lot of fat aunties who wear neck scarves indoors - all had their thyroids scooped out back in the day! There's clearly a genetic link (my brother has also been Dx in the last year).

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