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Cytomel and Vit D

My doctor gave me 2 new prescriptiona a little nervous an out starting them the Vithe D is 50,000 that scares me already have lower leg swelling. Then Cytomel 5mg my blood level is 3.0 which is right in the middle of normal range, im.already HIGH on Free T4 level don't wanna have more heart palpitations, my doctor lowered levothyroxine to 112 mcq. Anyone started these 2 drugs

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Palberts, neither of them are 'drugs', they are hormones. D3 is called a vitamin, but it is actually a hormone. And, like all hormones, you need them to live.

You obviously aren't converting very well if your FT4 is high but your FT3 is only mid-range. You do not want a lot of unconverted T4 hanging about because it can convert to rT3. Therefore, the sensible thing to do is to reduce the dose of T4 (levo) and add some T3.

D3 needs to be optimal for your body to be able to use the T4/T3 you are taking. Why do you think it's going to make your legs swell? It's more likely to be sub-optimal T3 that is causing that.

I think most of us on here take vit D, and a lot of us take T3. I take T3 only. :)


I have had so many problems with lower leg swelling..I miss spoke it is 50000 units of D2. I've just had so many problems for over a year everytime they adjust my dose I feel like crap, water retention..have had bad heart racing palpitations. So not to whine that us why apprehension. Thank you for taking time to explain


Are you sure it's D2 and not D3? If it's D2 it's not the right sort, you should take D3. Lots of info out there, here's one article:

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The doctor told me it was D2 I only take 4 pills one every week for 1 month then back no D3 drops


Well, if it is D2 (the pack should say if it is, D2 ergocalciferol, D3 is cholecalciferol) then it's the wrong sort. Doctors aren't taught nutrition. D2 doesn't get absorbed by the body very well, D3 has far superior bioavailability and absorption and sustains the levels of Vit D in the body far better than D2.

Doctors frequently either prescribe D2 or something like Adcal which contains calcium, again that is wrong because we don't need calcium unless we are deficient in it so we should be tested before Adcal is prescribed.

You really are best buying your own, as frequently suggested on here.

You probably won't have been told about Vit D's important co-factors either. When we take Vit D we also need K2-MK7. Vit D aids absorption of calcium from food and K2 directs the calcium to bones and teeth where it is needed rather than arteries and soft tissues where it would build up and cause problems. Magnesium is another co-factor. They all work in synergy.

As I said, plenty of evidence about D3 rather than D2 if you Google, here's some more

Also, if your Vit D was low enough for your GP to prescribe then you must be severely deficient and 50,000iu a week isn't enough. What was your result? My result was 15nmol/L and I took 40,000iu D3 daily for 2-3 weeks then reduced to 5000iu daily and got mine up to the recommended level in 2-3 months.


it is D2 for sure on the bottle, my level was 24 with 4000u a day of liquid.


Well, water retention is a hypo symptom. And you are obviously still hypo, or your doctor would not have prescribed T3. So, it's more than likely going to help with the swelling.


Hi, do you know how I should take 5mg cytomel my doctor never said is it with/without food


Without food, just like levo. Take it on an empty stomach, one hour before food or anything other than waster, and two hours before other medication or supplements. :)


Since I've started the Cytomel (generic) I have had a horrible headache. ALL DAY this is day 2 woke up with headache after took meds still have it


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