Hillary Clinton Puts Hypothyroidism Options in the Spotlight

More on Hillary Clinton's treatment and previous President Bush and his wife for Graves' disease.

Sad to see the the American Thyroid Association still advocating levothyroxine as the only accepted treatment.

It would be good if something positive could come from all this press in highlighting the disease, treatments and further research.


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  • Kindly give the MedScape article number so that non-registered persons can view. Forum sofware truncates the long link to "87..." :-(

    EDIT: 870358 found by Google

  • A Bianco: "Trials of combination therapy are supported by the American Thyroid Association" sciencedaily.com/releases/2...

    :-) Levo should be used only as trial-only as good research on its effect is lacking. bmj.com/content/323/7318/89... says at best it is as good as placebo, for some symptoms worse

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