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Cough Caused By Hashimoto's?

Hello All,

I started with a very bad cough for no reason in 2014. I had this for 8 months. The GP told me it was acid reflux and gave me PPI tablets (of course he did!)

I didn't take them as I've heard awful things about them. Anyway, for some reason, can't remember why, I decided to go gluten free and like magic my cough disappeared!

It didn't come back until April this year when it came back with a vengeance. I had problems breathing in not out and I know it's not my asthma. My cough has steadily got worse. I finally gave in to PPI's as I needed to breathe! Lol.

I was on them for 3 months and they made no difference. I came off them with no difference to cough or breathing so I'm fairly sure it's not reflux.

What I'm asking you lovely people is could the cough and the breathing issue be attributed to Hashimoto's? My Endo says no but I'm not sure.

The cough comes and goes and does not correlate with acid type food or drink.

Thank you for reading and sorry the post is so long!


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I had weird coughing from June 2015 until February 2016. At some point during normal flu it was so bad I was hyperventilating. At that point only thing that helped was eating and I soon realised it was low blood sugar causing it as eating even feeling like choking helped. During three days I coughed and hyperventilate if I didn't eat quick enough.

I found an article supporting the idea of dropping blood sugar triggering coughing. Very common if one has asthma. I don't even have asthma. I am a smoker and no coughing since February.

What triggered the coughing in the beginning? I had tried iodine before coughing so something went wrong while on iodine. Either my adrenal glands got upset or for me iodine is no no.

Don't know if this helps as your coughing might be very different. But it could be hashimoto causing it or any sensitivity. I get cough from dairy too but been avoiding it for years.


Thanks for the reply.

That's very interesting regarding the low blood sugar. I do get very low blood sugar sometimes so will watch out for symptoms around that time.


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