localised necrosis

Hi all, just wanted your opinion on backpain and the link with the positioning of the adrenal glands and over production of steroid hormones made there which are known to thin the skin if used for prolonged periods. Pls could this cause backpain and wastage of the bits that separate each back bone, those little cartilage bits, don't know what there called.

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  • It's incredibly unlikely. If you had necrosis, you'd know about sooner rather than later! (It's death of body tissue).

    Do you know that your adrenal glands are over producing something?

    Think I saw in an earlier post of yours that you have prolapse issues (me too, it's rubbish). That is known to cause back problems I'm afraid.

  • do you have it?

  • Have what? Prolapse, yes. Hypothyroidism, yes. Back pain, yes.

    Big sigh :)

  • Necrosis of spine,

  • Not sure what localised necrosis is Angelic69, but lower back pain can be down to B12 Deficiency or vitamin D deficiency too or maybe both.

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